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1 Research Area
/ Mechanisms of Power, Real and Symbolic Violence, Post (Neo) Colonialism, and Decolonization
/ Privileges, Exclusions, Marginalizations, Contexts of Racism
/ Social Contexts in Visual Arts, Theatre, Performance and Philosophy
/ Photography
/ Environmental Humanities
/ African-American Representation in Visual Arts (with Special Emphasis on Photography Between XIX/XX Century)
/ French Philosophy (Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Michel Foucault, Pierre Bourdieu)
/ Art in Public Space
/ Women’s Rights/Gender/Feminism/Sexuality

2 Residencies

/ Curatorial Residency in Timisoara | Art Encounters Foundation (November/December 2018) >>> research/project
/ IECES / anti-symposium 2018, Uddebo, Sweden (19-22 July, 2018) – link>>
/ Art Writing Residency – Contemporary Art Stavanger – CAS, Norway (May/June, 2018) – link>>

3 Public Lectures

/ Decolonising Art Criticism
Kultur & Kritikk” 25. oktober 2020, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo Kunstseksjonen i Kritikerlaget

/ Seduction of Imagination as a Political Concept
Art in Times of Collapsing Systems; Seminar in the frame of Luxembourg Art Week organized by the University of Luxemburg/ 4-5 November 2019

/ Performance Art from History to the Present
Interpréter l’art contemporain, Institut d’Études Romanes, Médias et Arts (IRMA) de l’Université du Luxembourg, en partenariat avec le Cercle Cité, 03.05.2019

/ The Representation of Lack, the Matter of Imagination. Hannah Ryggen, Aesthetics of Resistance, and Art Against Fascism
International Conference: “She is no gentle lamb in the cave of the werewolf: Women artists in Scandinavia, 1900-1960”, Department of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen and the National Gallery of Denmark, funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation, 2019/ 8 March

/ Who Can Afford To Be An Art Critic?
Symposium: On Criticism, 23 November 2018 at Royal Central School of Drama and Speech, University of London

/Art in Public Space – Case Studies
CAS – Contemporary Art Stavanger and Tou Scene, Stavanger, 2018/29 May

/The Archive of Gestures: Artistic Practices and the Power of Discourse
(on African American Photography)
International Interdisciplinary Conference: Writings of Archives II: Archives and Artistic Creation, Warsaw, 2017/12

/ Picture-Text – The Text in the Film
In Out Festival, Laznia CCA in Gdansk, 2017/04

/ Relations Between Art, Theatre, Body And Performance Within Contemporary Discourse
In Out Festival, Laznia CCA in Gdansk, In Out Festival, 2016/04

4 Other

/ Doctoral Dissertation;
Subjectivity and Performance Art*, 2013
The dissertation is devoted to the concept of the embodiment of the subject in philosophy and culture. It is focused on three major areas. Firstly, it analyses performance which is understood as a specific form of art characterized by authenticity, scandal, and subversion. Secondly, the work is focused on the area of corporality, and the third area concentrates on subjectivity. Performance art is, therefore, a pretext for asking about the subject and its involvement within various cultural and social discourses, and it shows something that might be described as an embodied subject. The embodiment understood in an existential or a subjective way questions the stable “I” and enables to look at what is different or other. Performance works as a kind of mirror; it reveals hidden discourses and forms of oppression. *The exact title: The Embodiment of the Subject: Philosophy and Performance within the Context of the Contemporary Cultural Criticism
More about Subjectivity and Performance Art