COMMON SPACE, Images, Stories, Voices | exhibition | Timișoara | (2018-2019)

COMMON SPACE, Images, Stories, Voices
Art Encounters, Timisoara, Romania
8 December 2018 – 9 March 2019
Artists: Lera Kelemen, Gloria Luca, Liliana Mercioiu Popa, Ilinca Pop & Simona Constantin, Smaranda Ursuleanu
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The word common suggests something that is usual, simple, typical, very often unnoticed and at the same time something that is collective and shared. The research, project, and exhibition COMMON SPACE – Images, Stories, Voices by showing various historical and contemporary materials devoted to or connected with  Romanian women, gives the space and time for (her)story. The project allows to notice and appreciate ‘simple’, unnoticed women work and activities of everyday life. The COMMON SPACE – Images, Stories, Voices is thus a pretext for the critical reflection on ‘feminity’ and woman place in history and in contemporary times. The project has a processual, collaborative and open form; it will be shaped by the content and contribution of the public.

Photos: Dana Dohotaru